Credit card debt consolidation

Write off substantial portions of credit cards and many other unsecured debts. There are many types of credit card debt consolidation methods into a much smaller manageable payment, such as loans or lower interest cards. But these maintain the original debt. An IVA can write off credit cards debts resulting in a significantly lower payment. Contact us now and talk to a UK advisor. Application takes minutes. Get started today by completing this simple form, or by calling 0161 960 0054.

✓   Freeze all interest and charges
✓   UK approved debt help
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✓   One affordable monthly repayment
✓   Become debt-free
✓   Stop the phone calls and letters

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Legally write off up To 80% of your unaffordable credit card debts. We offer instant advice on solutions to help you become debt-free. Stop creditors, calls & letters. We have been helping people Since 2009.

Bennett Jones has helped thousands of people get out of debt, you can read about their stories and 5* reviews on Trustpilot. We then offer debt help tailored to your individual personal circumstances.

An IVA can write off large portions of loans, credit cards, catalogues, payday loans, taxes and many other debts. Stop creditors and collectors harassing you.

Check if you possibly qualify for an Individual Voluntary Arrangement in 60 seconds, by completing the form above. We can do a brief assessment and tell you what documents are required to move forward with your case.

Credit card debt

All it takes is a few missed payments or going over your spending limit, and you could find yourself with large credit card debt. Whilst credit cards are a form of unsecured loan (meaning you can’t have your assets repossessed), failing to repay can still have a negative impact on your credit score.

In order to keep on top of your credit card debt, consider setting up a standing order every month so you don’t miss repayment dates, and take advantage of comparison sites to find cards with lower interest rates.

If you find that your debts have reached the stage that all you can afford is the minimum monthly payments, meaning that your debts are not reducing, talk to Bennett Jones and we’ll be able to help you take the next steps.

Bennett Jones’ role in your financial recovery

Bennett Jones can investigate what you’re spending, both personally and if you are self-employed in your business, and help you understand whether an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) is the solution you need. Whether you need an IVA, an alternative debt solution, or simply information to help you organise your spending, we can deliver some peace of mind.