You've confirmed your total debt at below £3,000.  It's common for people to underestimate what they actually owe. Please make sure you've included all debts (examples below).

HMRC debts (tax and NI)
Bailiffs, debt collection and CCJs
Council tax arrears
Personal loans and payday loans
Credit cards and store cards
Catalogues and "buy now pay later" goods
Mobile phone bills
Benefit overpayments
Utility bills (gas, electric, water)
Shortfalls on secured lending
Fixed penalty charge notices
Nursery fee & school fees arrears
Vets, solicitors and accountancy fees
Bills from builders, plumbers, tradesmen
Credit unions
Rental debts
Any subscription arrears

Why choose Bennett Jones?

Bennett Jones has helped thousands of people solve their debt problems.

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  • Immediate debt assistance
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  • Stop legal actions, bailiffs, harassment and debt letters
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