Amazing Trustpilot review

Sometimes, one review comes along that really touches the hearts of the team at Bennett Jones. You can see all our incredible unbiased Trustpilot reviews, from hundreds of our customers.

I suppose my story started years ago…. I was fit and healthy. Had a full time well paid management job. I took out loans, credit cards and payday loans. I was keeping my head above water but only just. As fate would have it, I became ill with septic arthritis. I struggled walking, driving and doing everyday tasks. I had to stop work due to ill health. In 2019 I had to stop full time work. I applied for the various benefits and DLA, however these benefits took much longer than I anticipated. By the start of the first pandemic I had emergency surgery and it seemed to go well until 7 weeks later when I was admitted to the high dependency ward. As you can imagine the debts and interest payments were starting to mount up. With everything else going on I chose to ignore letters , emails and messages from my creditors. I couldn’t face what was happening to both my health and life in general. By chance I happened upon a post on Facebook. The more I looked into it the harder things seemed to be. I finally took the plunge and admitted to myself that I needed help. After calling CAB and stepchange I decided to read trust pilot reviews. I stumbled across Bennett Jones. The reviews looked genuine and the ladies I spoke too were incredibly understanding and professional. After a few simple questions on spending and income ( such that it was/is) It was clear that I needed help. I was presented with a few different options, However after some discussions I decided to go for an IVA. I wanted to demonstrate and show my creditors that I acknowledged the debt and show willingness to pay. Within 3 weeks all my paperwork was completed and signed and my first payment went out yesterday. I’m not worried about what letters or calls from creditors anymore. I simply provide them with my unique reference number. All calls, emails, messages and letters have stopped. Allowing me time to breathe. With the help and support from Bennett Jones I can now concentrate on getting better. My mental health was really suffering but slowly I’m starting to feel stronger each day. The purpose of the above review is to help people that are living with crippling debt. Don’t suffer in silence. Make the first step and give them a call. Good luck with your journey to a debt-free life.