Money Management. Write off up to 80% of debts

You could write off up to 80% of your debt for as little as £90 per month over 60 monthly payments. Get started today by completing this simple form, or by calling 0161 960 0054.

✓   Freeze all interest and charges
✓   UK approved debt help
✓   Dedicated UK based debt help
✓   One affordable monthly repayment
✓   Become debt-free
✓   Stop the phone calls and letters

Submit your contact details and one of our senior team members will start to help you get out of debt. This service is free, confidential and you're under no obligation to use our services.

If you’re struggling to figure out a viable course of action, Bennett Jones will help you gain a better understanding of what you can afford, and how to prioritise your expenses and put aside enough money to clear your debts.

Numerous things add up to financial stability. Part of our service involves identifying where you may tend to spend more than you realise and treating it with a robust savings strategy. Bennett Jones can investigate what you’re spending, both personally and if you are self-employed in your business, and help you understand whether an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) is the solution you need. Whether you need an IVA, an alternative debt solution, or simply information to help you organise your spending, we can deliver some peace of mind.


Secured loans, credit card payments and catalogues, Council Tax, and (for self-employed people) Income Tax and National Insurance payments… These are just a few examples of where an individual can fall into debt. Such factors can reduce your financial security over time, and make it harder to save for retirement, family costs, or even everyday expenses. If you are self-employed, problems can quickly spiral out of control if they aren’t well managed. Employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders can be affected – in addition to the impact on your family and domestic circumstances. Urgent action may need to be taken. Bennett Jones has helped thousands of people solve their debt problems. We understand how stressful and difficult life is when you can’t pay your debts and your bills. You can trust Bennett Jones to help you if you are struggling to pay your debts. We specialise in Individual Voluntary Arrangements – a legal solution that allows for unaffordable debts to be written off. With an IVA from our team, you will make affordable repayments to your creditors over a fixed period, with the remaining debt written off at the end.