The Bennett Jones team

With many years of combined experience with working with people who are struggling with unmanageable debts, you can be assured that your story will be listened to with empathy and understanding.

✓   Freeze all interest and charges
✓   Dedicated UK based debt help
✓   One affordable monthly repayment
✓   Become debt-free
✓   Stop phone calls and letters

Submit your contact details and one of our senior team members will start to help you get out of debt. This service is free, confidential and you're under no obligation to use our services.

Our team has the knowledge and practical experience to ensure that you are fully equipped to understand your financial options. We will work closely with you on your journey to financial recovery.

You can depend on our team to provide you with the support and guidance you need on your journey to financial freedom. We are passionate about maintaining and improving the quality of our services. All our team members receive regular training to update their knowledge and skills. Our licensed insolvency practitioner is regulated and authorised by the Insolvency Practitioners Association.

Bennett Jones Team

Your first point of contact

Your first point of contact with us is likely to be with a member of our team who will discuss the various debt relief options available to you. Only once you are sure that an IVA is the right choice for you will we explain the proposal process. The team will then make sure we have all the financial information and documents we need from you to be able to prepare a detailed proposal to be presented to your creditors. If you decide an IVA is not the right choice for you we will help you choose a regulated company or charity that can provide further assistance and support for you.

Get in touch today and take advantage of our insolvency knowledge, for free, by calling Call us on 0161 960 0054 or submit your details via our online contact form below.

Greg Mullarkey, Managing Director

A licensed Insolvency Practitioner, Greg has decades of experience in the financial and legal sectors, using his knowledge to assist people in complex monetary matters. Greg has acted as the Nominee and Supervisor of many thousands of IVAs for people who have become unable to manage the payments of their debts.

Mark Smith, Operations Director

With more than 10 years of experience in personal IVAs, Mark is passionate about helping people manage their journey back to financial stability. Mark works hard to ensure our processes and systems make the experience of resolving your debts as easy to understand and manage as possible – from having someone available to clearly explain matters to you to supporting you throughout your IVA until its conclusion.

Anthony Hayes, Director

Anthony Hayes, Director, Bennett Jones

An accomplished CIO & Global Operations Director who oversaw IT and digital strategy in one of the UK’s fastest growing and most successful energy companies. Anthony also holds non-executive director roles advising businesses in the UK on transformation and growth. Anthony ensures the business focusses on the implementation and management of IT and Digital services and delivers business projects in line with the company’s strategy to consistently improve the quality and efficiency of the company’s services to its clients.

Creditors Meetings team

When your IVA proposal is put to your creditors they will be asked to vote in favour of it. Our Creditors Meetings team record all votes received and deal with any questions or issues which are raised by creditors.

Supervisory team

Once your IVA is approved, our Supervisory team will take over and will look after your IVA for the next few years. They will be in regular contact with you and always on hand to help with any questions you may have. The team is dedicated to working with you to make sure that your IVA is successful and results in you being debt-free.

Finance and Accounts team

Both you and your creditors need to be fully confident that your money is in safe hands. Your creditors need confidence that your IVA will be administered as it should be and that they will receive the payments due to them.

The Insolvency Practitioners Association conduct regular monitoring inspections to ensure we have effective and fully compliant processes in place for looking after your money. We use sophisticated and robust case management software to manage receipts and payments, and all client funds are held in a separate designated client bank account. We are also insured against the misappropriation of funds; every client’s case is separately insured to cover against this remote possibility.